Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What To Wear

If you want to have the best time in a strip club, you should dress for it. Start by getting yourself clean. You may never hear dancers complain about how a customer smells but I heard it all the time. I would often point out to the girls how there was some customer sitting out there and they were all ignoring him.

They would say "Walk past him and sniff and you'll see why we're ignoring him."

A lot of dancers also believe that smelly, sloppy guys are cheap and it's a waste of time to try and sell them dances.

They also figure your smell may rub off on them and make them less appealing to customers.

This just makes sense everywhere not just in a strip club. If you want women to get close to you, don't smell like a skunk. Do not try to cover smells with cologne either. Most colognes are less pleasant than body odor if the guy puts too much on.

The pants you wear matter. A lot of guys wear shorts to the strip club with no underwear. They figure the dancers are going to reach up their shorts and grab their dicks. In some clubs, dancers do that but in some they think you're a guy looking for a cheap free handjob.

I will write about this in another message but some dancers find it very unappealing when a guy looks like he is desperate to have a woman touch his dick or to touch her tits. In a strip club that might make a difference in how they view you. If you look desperate they think they can get a lot of money out of you without working hard but you may be unpleasant to be with.

I always wore long pants to strip clubs and I dressed nicely. In some clubs, it really made me stand out and it drew the dancers to me. They figured I had money and that I was not going to be trouble.

Do not wear pants made of rough material. You want the dancer to feel comfortable when her bare skin is on your lap. Rough jeans or corduroy pants will make her not want to be there. It also helps to leave your belt at home or in the car. The buckle can scratch her and the belt also gets in the way if she wants to loosen your pants a little or even unzip you.

Wear underwear.

I know that when she feels your dick through the pants, no underwear makes that more fun. But what if she wants to unzip you and play with your cock through the underwear? If she unzips you and just sees cock, she may zip you right back up. You can wear thin shorts but wear shorts. If you should happen to come, they may absorb some of the stain so it won't bleed through to your pants.

I always wore a shirt that buttoned up the front. A lot of dancers like to unbutton you in the lapdance room and rub up against your chest.

I always had a bunch of tissues in my shirt pocket. This was in clubs where it was likely that in a private dance, I would reach the point of coming. That's what the tissues were for. I will soon write a message about a topic no one discusses which is where to come. If you are going to come, where is it going to go? The time to think about that is before you're about to come.

There were one or two clubs where I would take along a condom. One time, I was getting a private lap from a very lovely lady. She unzipped my pants and played with my dick through my shorts. Then she said "If I had a condom, I could do more to please you."

That intrigued me. The next time, I brought a condom and she had me put it on. Then she really fondled my dick and even gave it a few licks. So I always have a condom along.

Remember that if there's a chance she might lick it, bring the unlubricated kind.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a condom along just in case the two of you reach the point where you both want to fuck and she doesn't have one. You might also prefer yours because most strippers who have condoms buy the cheapest kinds.

Since I'm on the topic of what to bring into the strip club, I want to say something about money. You should bring a lot of money. You should bring more than you think you will need because you never know when you're going to get an offer you can't refuse.

At the same time, it's like Las Vegas. Set a limit for yourself before you go inside and get tempted. Decide the high end of what you're willing to spend this trip.

Do not under any circumstances use the little ATM machine in the club. The fees are usually highway robbery. If you are married, you don't want the paper trail showing up on your bank statement. If you think you may be tempted, leave the ATM card at home or in your car.

Do not put all that money you bring into your wallet. You may have to open your wallet in front of a dancer and you don't want her to see how much you have. Put enough in the wallet to cover drinks and tips and a modest amount of private dances. Put the rest in another pocket.

In most clubs, you will have to leave your cell phone in the car. This is because most cell phones these days have cameras and the club does not want you taking photos of the dancers or even of the other customers. If you use your cell phone to tell time, you might want to bring a watch or something else that will tell time because most strip clubs do not have clocks that are visible. They want you to forget what time it is and just pay attention to the ladies.

Getting back to what you wear, gang apparel is a bad idea. It is also a bad idea to get too dressy. I have seen guys who wore suits and ties because they were coming or going to meetings. Then they get a couple of laps and the suit gets all wrinkled.

Dress nice and the women will undress for you.